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Charlie Tweddle - Fantastic Greatest Hits 2x LP

Deluxe all-analog reissue of the 1974 private press classic cut direct from the master tapes.  Includes a bonus LP of recently unearthed home-recorded gems from the early 70s. 

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Grudge - When Christine Comes Around Demo 7"

Unheard and unreleased DEMO version!  Picture sleeve by Avi Spivak.  


David Arvedon - Best Of Dave Arvedon Vol 3 LP

"Crazed garage basement goof with low-rent humor, idiosyncratic vocals, and primitivist songwriting rivaling the Shaggs.  Prior to his solo career, Arvedon was with New England Teen Scene legends the Psychopaths (MMM-004)" - Acid Archives 

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Mike Rep and the Quotas - Rocket To Nowhere 7"
Official reissue of 1978 debut. Recorded in 1975. Original "Moxie" mix.


Bobb Trimble - Take Me Home Vienna 7" EP
Official reissue of 1981 single w/ rare picture sleeve.  1000 pressed.


Charlie Tweddle - The Midnite Plowboy LP 

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Tav Falco & The Panther Burns - She's The One To Blame 7" EP
Reissue of debut.  Featuring Alex Chilton and Ross Johnson.  Comes in silk-screened envelope sleeve.  Just like 1979!


Tav Falco & The Panther Burns - She's The One To Blame T-Shirt 

Grey with blue ink. Sorry size small only!


Psychopaths - Till The Stroke Of Dawn / See The Girl 7"

Official reissue of 1967 moody garage punk classic.  Outta Boston! 


Laurice - Best Of Laurice Vol. 1 LP

70's rock meets mainstream British pop in an explosive style fusion of pre-punk, glam, psychedelic and gay themed musical gems by controversial British rocker LAURICE. Recorded in the early to mid-70's at various studios in London, UK, these tracks, many previously unreleased, demonstrate the versatility and originality of a singer-songwriter who challenged society's rules. British rock was always LAURICE's roots. From the pre-punk underground classic hits When Christine Comes Around/I?m Gonna Smash Your Face In to the heavily impassioned openly gay anthem He?s My Guy and the highly sexualized gay lyrics of Wild Sugar, to the S&M master-slave darkside of Born To Serve, LAURICE constantly challenged himself and his musical peers to explore out of the mainstream music box. His influences ranged from Lou Reed and Cream, to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and various 70's British pop bands. Take a listen to this treasure trove of incredible tracks. LAURICE was a star, far ahead of his time, and suffered mightily for fighting the conventions of the day. 


Grudge - When Christine Comes Around 7"

Hard to know where to start with this one, but a special commendation is due to the B side. Sounding like a 1910 Fruitgum Company or Ohio Express backing track with a camp lead vocal, a very catchy sing-along chorus, assorted screams and an Elvis impersonation coming on more like Mae West in the middle eight - this is one incredible release! I’ve had this single for over 25 years and on the rare occasions I take it out to play it never fails to get a reaction….


Spiv - Oh You Beautiful Child 7"

Oh You Beautiful Child is a great example of the perfect Glam Cruncher with its slap-back compressed handclaps, cutting lead, catchy hook and exuberant vocals, it's up there with the best. Little Child starts off like Dear Prudence but then turns into this Radio Birdman/ New Christ styled rocker with the vocalist sounding uncannily like Rob Younger! The single was produced and the A side written by Laurie Marshall - the same guy who was behind Grudge's When Christine Comes Around/ I'm Gonna Smash Your Face In, Paul St. John (The Flying Saucers Have Landed) and Weeny Bopper (David, Donny And Michael). If anyone knows Laurie I would love to hear from him (email through my profile page). Laurie Marshall also released some Disco stuff, but I'm unsure if it's the same person.


The Avengers - Be A Caveman / I Told You So 7"

'Be A Cave Man' is a winner all the way with it's uptempo teen beat groove and 'put down' lyrics...."Be a cave man - keep her in line"...the boys would have the woman's liberation after them these days of course....But who cares? this was 1965 when men were men.

Here's what Gerry Blake said about 'Be A Cave Man'

"I'm not sure we even thought about how politically incorrect Caveman was. We just liked the song. It would get people dancing for sure. I don't think the girls thought much about it either. It was a different time back then. It was just music. We weren't dragging any girls behind the stage by the hair. Although some of them might have gone for it! By the way, the "monkey" sounds was one of us trying to make monkey sounds. Didn't cut it. So Gary Paxton just looped it and sped the recording up. I was the Tarzan yell."