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What ruins summer faster than an infestation? Nasty suckers, tougher to ditch than the stench off a moldy bathing suit in a Chevy with the windows rolled up. Fortunately, Providence, RI's Atlantic Thrills have the soundtrack for a mattress fire and a salve for your pustular soul. "Bed Bugs" is jukebox gold for haunted pizza parlors and abandoned bowling alleys; gigantic surf licks and a chorus like a choir of ghouls coming on stronger than a sunburn across Glen Danzig´s pecs. On the flip, "Sugar Sugar" rewrites the Archies as greasy suburban burnouts with a studio in their parents' basement and an endless supply of reverb and codeine infused lemonade. Fuck the beach, fire up the doob and nod out in the bathtub with headphones and this on repeat.

Atlantic Thrills "Bed Bugs"/ "Sugar Sugar"



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