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Long-awaited reissue of the first Cheater Slicks full length, recorded during their Boston tenure during the 80s. Originally released via the Gadawful label in 1989 and quickly disappearing, "On Your Knees" has sat atop many a Slicks fan's wantlist until now. Recorded as a four-piece with Merle Allin on bass, the Slicks run through eleven numbers with the same intensity and weathered guitar-storm they would still be unleashing on the world over 25 years later. Contains tracks such as "Bruno's Night Out", "I Won't Last Another Day", "Chaos" and "I've Been Had" that remain among their best and begins their habit of recovering forgotten gems from the past, covering Mad Mike & The Maniacs ("The Hunch") and The Bell Tones ("A Sad Guitar"). An essential piece of the Slicks' discography, but aren't they all?

Cheater Slicks - On Your Knees LP