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Similar to Nikola Tesla, Leif Erikson and Kalashnikov – trail-blazers who received either nothing or ridicule for the pioneering efforts – Welsh musician/producer Laurice went unnoticed and was forced to watch from the terraces as an entire genre's worth of musicians made millions passing through the hole he opened in the border fence separating tuff psychedelia and camp glam rock. Known to collectors for a handful of some of the most aberrantly catchy yet lyrically un-commercial 45s of all-time (sample titles: 'Flying Saucers Have Landed,' 'I'm Gonna Smash Your Face In', Laurice's signature style and approach anticipated both punk thrash and post-punk disco trash. And, unlike Bowie and Bolan, Laurice wasn't just pouting and putting on make-up for the camera.

Now, nearly 50 years later, Laurice shows no signs of stopping and is back with a second installment of demo material deemed unfit for mass consumption in the soft, straight, progressive 70s. These songs have finally been given their green light to assault the virginal ears of the world. Amazing, self-spun gems cut as demos in studios like Apple and Abbey Road. And don't think the divine Mister L doesn't have more in his personal peepshow booth to tease you with either. Later this year, Laurice will unleash an album of all-new material, reverently and respectfully entitled G.A.Y.D.A.R. Look for it from Mighty Mouth Music. Watch Flying Saucers Have Landed video HERE

Laurice - Best Of Laurice Vol. 2 LP / CD