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Sarim Al-Rawi started Liquor Store with friends from northern New Jersey, presumably to start trouble and mess with people at shows under the guise of being an Internet legend on Terminal Boredom. He used to play drums in Titus Andronicus, Home Blitz and Live Fast Die, where he eventually moved up to guitar. But as the other bands in his social orbit — TA, Real Estate, Ducktails, Big Troubles — began to attract critical attention, Liquor Store took a cue to look elsewhere, and started to make Rock Music with initial caps, borne of suburban bounty and room to rage. Once you get the obligations to society and one's fellow man out of the way, you can pretty much write your own ticket. Yeah Buddy personifies that attitude. They're the best band out of that whole scene by a comfortable distance.

Liquor Store - Yeah Buddy CD / CS