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INDEPENDENT is the second release from RAVI SHAVI, six songs recorded in a flash in Providence, RI. Six postcards dropped to the gutter, six damp kisses from an ex-lover; here is the sound of getting older, getting wiser and abandoning it all for one last pass at the Holy Gas. Rafay Rashid, the enigmatic frontman, guitar player and songwriter behind RAVI SHAVI, has drank deep from the wellspring of madness and genius that has nurtured twisted pop savants and sonic shaman since Screamin Jay Hawkins first jumped from a coffin. The songs he offers here are nothing less than the remedy to this Age of Mediocrity; attempting to put them in the context of influences is a fools game. If you've ever loved a rock 'n roll band more than your own life, broke down in tears beside Lou Reed, Iggy or Ziggy, or dreamed of learning to play guitar just to smash one onstage, here at long last is a new record for you-- INDEPENDENT.


Ravi Shavi - Independent 12" EP



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