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Finally, I stumbled upon something that I felt existed - a recorded material by an original eighties rock'n'roll band from Baton Rouge. Zoomers came from the same bayou as this radio show, our good old town- but these boys ain't swamp kids. This is a mind-altering, exciting, fast post-punk piece, rock'n'roll jewel by three local guys taking roads less taken and getting where no other band went before. But don't get me wrong, this is not so weird, that you might have difficulties getting into it. It's very much strongly embedded in a good old rock'n'roll tradition. You can hear Modern Lovers, 60's nuggets, Bowie even psychedelia in these grooves, but what really happens is that these dudes without any pretensions achieved something what many other more serious bands just strive for. Legend says that they were stoned out of mind recording this album, but it looks like drugs hit some special creative spots in heads of these people so it all came out perfect. Certainly, something that our local Baton Rouge bands could get a lesson from if nothing else. After a DIY cassette release in 1981, this is finally available on vinyl.

The Zoomers - Exist LP



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