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The members of Tin Foil had all led groups of their own since about
2006. A Stooges-y style punk band, a 60's Pebbles cover act, and a
heavy blues-rock, Lovin' Spoonful inspired power-trio, among others.
None of them ever left Detroit. In 2013 songwriters Andrew Hecker and Steve Kowalski started writing and recording together at their houses in the wake of playing in a group they joined backing up the then Lager House doorman. In 2014 they joined up with guitarist Alex Lovat and drummer Joe Myers and started putting the songs into action. All moving into the same house in Hamtramck and practicing heavily. In January of 2016 they began the 9 month long process of making this record. Using old Tascam equipment and shitty microphones the group of unassuming perfectionists spent many all-nighters getting weird in their basements or attics, drinking all the booze and smoking all the weed, to complete this self titled debut–we hope you enjoy

Tin Foil - Tin Foil LP / CD



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