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Few bands have been named more fittingly than The Insults. All of their songs (and this 7" is the tip of the ol' iceberg, pal) are an affront to "good" taste, "good" manners, "good" other words, the perfect band for you and me. A long-time collector-fave finally reissued in it's proper form here, this two-songer from the prides of Del Ray Oaks, CA still sounds as wonderfully ignorant today as it did in 1979 and makes an excellent introduction to the world of Richard Sikk & his cohorts. "Population Zero" is a plea to eliminate the entire human race, a prayer we're much closer to answering in 2013. "Zombie Lover" is....well, just what you think it is. Special guest appearance by Cher. Buy or cry.

All analog reissue from masters of this California KBD punk classic circa 1979.  First 200 on green vinyl (just like the original pressing).   Listen HERE.

Insults - Population Zero / Zombie Lover 7"



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