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International recording star Laurice is well known as a pioneer in both punk rock and dance music. What is not more generally known is that Laurice is also an accomplished singer and songwriter in the smooth jazz and ballad genres. Laurice has finally released some of his most successful ballad songs, some going as far back as 1965. A few of these tracks are original recordings, such as Foolin', Act Up, and Such A Man, Laurice's tribute to Tom of Finland. Some are brand new, such as Afraid, Christmas Valentine and You Are My Soul, a gift to his partner of more than twenty four years, Larry Norton. Others are recordings of old favorites that Laurice has always wanted to record, such as Go Away and Choices. But whether old or new, the sheer versatility and powerful range of this extremely talented artist shines through at every turn. Laurice always wanted to be different in his interpretation of each song, and that individuality shows in every track. Age hasn't dimmed his voice, and Laurice somehow always seems to sound fresh and new with every melody that he sings. Enjoy this choice bouquet of aural candy from a master of the ballad genre.

Laurice - Balladeer CD



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