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LAURICE is an out and out pioneer both of music and gay activism, and decided to make GAYDAR a sexual calling card for his fans around the world. This album is totally gay from the first track to the last. BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN leads the pack with a stomping rock dance beat that entertains from beginning to end. The hot sexual heat of BIG BOY, HOT MALIBU NIGHTS and FANTASY MAN will shock the listener with its lewd upfront lyrics. DOWN THE ROAD, BUSTED, and PARTY highlight the hang loose lifestyles of some in the gay subculture. With a more thoughtful and pounding dance beat, FLY and the titled GAYDAR track draw attention to the sexual longing of the older gay man sometimes in hot pursuit of a younger punk to decorate bedroom and dungeon sex antics. The final track, SUGAR SUGAR is the well known pop standard with a very decided gay slant to the lyric. LAURICE was asked to send in a version of the song for a New York radio charity show. The record company liked it so much that they decided to include it on the album.

Laurice - G.A.Y.D.A.R. LP / CD



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