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After almost a decade in the making, the prayers of punk rockers across the globe have been answered with the release of "Hit Stains", the long awaited singles compilation from rock'n'roll saviors LIVEFASTDIE. All the hits are here and then some, twenty cuts over two sides. Legendary tunes like the autobiographical "Guitar Star" from their 2005 debut. Life lessons such as "Not a Dog" and "Thought You Could Steal My Beer". The songs that set the internet on fire: "Pissing on the Mainframe" and "Webshits and Blah Blah Blahs". Odes to archaic technology ("Dawn of the VHS"), patriotic anthems ("Forged in Flames"), punches in the face ("Bang It's War"), kicks in the dick ("(He's Got) Pecker Breath"), all flavors and varieties of punk rock and roll, here in one handy 12" package providing maximum value for those of you too broke and/or stupid to have kept up with their deluge of seven inch and cassette releases. It's a well-known fact that LIVEFASTDIE almost single-handedly kept punk rock alive in post-Y2K New York City, a time when posing was fashionable and pussyfooting was par for the course in the Big Apple. Camero Werewolf and his band of brothers saved their city and in doing so also gave us hope across the rest of America, across the rest of the world, a shining beacon of pizza, vomit and guitar shredding reminding us that punk rock did not die with GG. As long as there are men bold enough to write songs like these and tough enough to execute them the dream will never die. Pick up a copy of "Hit Stains" and be reminded of the inspirational powers of rock'n'roll. Diaper not included. FIRST 100 ON SHIT COLORED WAX




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