A cynical studio synthesis of the best pop of the late last decade – SPARKS, NICK LOWE, DWIGHT TWILLEY, TODD RUNDGREN – updated with all the right New Wave and Palovian power pop flourishes – 20/20, SHOES, CARS, CHEAP TRICK – guaranteed to bring all the boys to the yard. The work of studio musician and composer tandem JAY BOIVIN and GERMAIN GAUTHIER who have really done their homework with dumber-than-dumb lyrics and hooks bigger than some of the holes in this movie's almost perfunctory plot. You'd be forgiven for mistaking the title track for a lost SPEEDIES cut or 'Summer Girls' for the ultimate, sell-out 10CC soft-rocker. There's rockers as well, like the RASPBERRIES-styled ode to the blonde, high-waisted-jean-and-no-bra-wearing female character 'Sally Joy,' which wonderfully and mindlessly rhymes the words 'chance,' 'dance' and 'pants' in a verse that rivals the early BEACH BOYS. I'd also like to imagine some prospective, post-prom stud putting on 'Voyeur's Motel' as he starts up his father's car and his date melting in the passenger seat.

Pinball Summer - Movie Soundtrack LP