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The Sneaky Pinks are the best band for jacking off with used lube or getting your pussy licked by a german shepard mix. On thier third 7", Sneaky Pinks expand thier art funk sound and explore even new musical terrorrism with hired prodoucher Rickles Rubinsteinberg. "It was fucking easy," said bassist Trent Purd "we had the time, the cocaine, and the talent. The only thing missing was the fellatio, but honestly I'm getting more into Pokemon anyway". Singer Justin Champlin sheepishly admitted, "It's the best music being made at the moment. There is no greater poet than me. I am the lord. Nibble on my nuts". The New York Tymes called the new record "Nazi Punk Kiddie Porn for collector faggots and the working class hipster. Toilet humor and inside jokes that make the Jean Means seem mature. Songs so beautiful you'd swear you were right next to a seafood dumpster." With swine flu, government shuttdowns, and thee end of times near, there is nothing more important going on than acquiring this 7". Buy by any means necessary.   FIRST 200 ON PURPLE VINYL (limit one per order) 

Sneaky Pinks - "I'm Punk / Puke Pudding" 7"



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